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Care Set - Wool Blankets


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Product number: SW10188
"Care Set - Wool Blankets"
Care set with storage bag, containing: root brush, curd soap and care instructions.

This root brush, made of natural fibres, is ideal for the care of our wool blankets.
Remove fuzz from use by brushing along the grain. Moisten the brush with vinegar water to clean the wool, eliminate odours and refresh the colour.

Coarse dirt can get removed by using curd soap. Simply moisten the affected area, rub in curd soap and briefly leave to take effect.
Then wash in lukewarm water.

Root brush: natural fibre blend of agave and root fibres
Curd soap: water, sodium hydroxide, fats
Bag: 100% cotton

Brush production by Melanie Eckhardt
Style: Home Style & Accessories